Organize Your Kitchen Like a Pro

Looking for ways to better organize your kitchen? If you have ever been in a professional kitchen, you will find that they have two distinct things in common: cookware and ingredients are easily accessible (and organized) and the kitchen is set up to make cleaning easier.

Here are some tips to help you organize your kitchen like a pro:


We are all guilty of having multiples of various kitchen gadgets like can openers and pizza cutters. We are also guilty of having more sets of dishes and glassware than the number of people in the household. The first step to organizing your kitchen like a pro is to take everything out of the drawers and cabinets and pare down on things you might have too much of.

Donate the things you feel you no longer need and put your slimmed down inventory back into their respective locations. You will find that your kitchen feels more organized and spacious without the unnecessary clutter of duplicates.

Clear Your Counters

Counters are meant to provide space for you to prepare meals. Many of us like to store our appliances on our countertops because we think it makes access to those things easier. While that may be true, these appliances take up meal preparation space and can make your kitchen feel small. If you aren’t using the appliance daily, stow it away.

You can also replace your knife block with a magnetic strip mounted to your wall to not only free up space but to also keep knives easily accessible. Place your cutting boards in a drawer under towels where they are still accessible but do not take up precious counter space. Clearing your counters will help keep your kitchen organized and make it feel more spacious – and no one has ever complained about having too much kitchen space!

Convert Shelves to Roll Out Drawers

If you look in your pantry or cabinets right now, you might notice that you’re only using about half of the available space. Cabinets, especially the lower ones, are not optimized to allow you to use all of the space that they take up.

Additionally, it can be difficult for some to lean forward or squat down to dig through cabinet drawers. By taking those cabinets, and replacing the shelves with roll out drawers, you will be able to easily access the contents in the cabinets while better utilizing the space.

The same can be said for pantries. Instead of food items getting forgotten in the depths of a pantry, roll out drawers will allow you to see and access everything you need. This will help keep your kitchen organized and keep you cooking like the pro that you are.

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