How to: Tackle the Tupperware

After a few years in the cabinet organization business, we noticed a few common themes with our clients. One of these themes is the complaint that Tupperware is hard to manage. The Tupperware cabinet is usually one of the messiest in the kitchen. People have trouble finding matching lids; often the result of owning many mismatched sets. Even if they take the time to organize it all, it doesn’t take more than a day or two for things to fall back into a jumbled mess. Shelves2Drawers clients often mention that they are tired of digging on their hands and knees through stacks and stacks of mismatched lids and containers.


With this in mind, we’ve compiled a few recommendations for tackling the Tupperware:

1. Go through all of your Tupperware and throw out or donate anything you do not need. If a set is missing pieces, get rid of it. Sometimes it is simply better to start over and buy a new set. Be careful to only purchase what you need. Many people have an excess of Tupperware, which only exacerbates the disarray.

2. We recommend purchasing Tupperware that matches by color… this can help to easily and quickly organize each lid with its appropriate container.

3. Have Shelves2Drawers install roll-out drawers. We most often recommend a 3-drawer stack (depending, of course, on your cabinets). This setup maximizes the vertical space which cuts down on excessive Tupperware stacking. You will be able to spread out your Tupperware across a larger amount of storage surface which will allow you to see your options more easily.


4. Ask us for help! We are professional organizers and will take into consideration what you use most often in combination with your kitchen layout. We provide our organization consultation services for free.

5. Organize by size. Group Tupperware of the same size together so that items don’t get lost.

6. There are probably items that you use every single day, and other items that are rarely used. Place your most frequently used pieces of Tupperware on the top roll-out for easier access.

Still have questions? Don’t worry! Organizing the Tupperware cabinet may seem like a daunting task, but Shelves2Drawers can help. Call us today for a free in-home consultation. We’d love to show you what can be done to make your Tupperware (and the rest of your kitchen) feel like an organized dream.