Bathroom organization; frustrating to amazing.

A bathroom, especially the master bathroom, can be one of the most challenging and frustrating spaces in the home to organize!

We store so much in this space that sometimes it can be overwhelming to think about organizing it all! These are a few of the items we might consider: makeup and other beauty supplies, hairdryers, curling irons, shave kits, cleaning supplies, first aid items, medications, bathtub soaps and salts, toilet paper, linens, toilet cleaning gear and the list goes on!

For most people, there are really two main problems with organizing this space.

  1. Lack of storage space to begin with.
  2. Dysfunctional storage space. Some examples are; drawers that are too small or nonexistent, the space under the sink has no shelves and pipes blocking valuable space.

The benefits of having this space thoughtfully laid out, organized and easy to use are incredibly important because we use this space so frequently.

Some great tips to get started

  1. Add storage. 

    For those of you lucky enough to have space, bring in an additional cabinet or small piece of furniture to add to your storage space. Get creative here! Don’t overlook wall spaces, such as over the toilet area as a potential space for a small cabinet for things such as toilet paper and toilet cleaning supplies. A small piece of floor furniture can be great storage for things like linens and other items that are not needed at your vanity.

  2. Declutter.

    The goal here is to make the available storage as functional as possible for everyday items and use. If you are not using an item (or items) on a regular basis then consider storing them somewhere else, such as a hall closet or on garage shelves. This can be a great solution if you like to buy in bulk. Also, be honest with yourself, if you have items that you just don’t need or can easily be replaced if you ever do need them- just throw them away, the space they take up is too important!

  3. Roll-Out drawers.

    The weird space under the sink as well as any other cabinet space behind doors can be maximized by adding rollout drawers. These drawers are a surprisingly affordable solution that provides accessibility and effective organization of every bit of space possible (even around plumbing pipes). This solution will also help keep those countertops clean and uncluttered. When items are easy to access you are less likely to allow things to “migrate” onto your countertops.

  4. Bins, trays, and baskets.

    There are so many small, loose items in a bathroom that need their own space to live and this is a great solution. Trays really are beneficial inside of a drawer or roll-out to keep things in their proper place and maintain organization.

  5. Get some free professional advice.

    Sometimes it is so helpful to get someone else’s opinion! A professional organizer can evaluate your space and provide solutions that are uniquely tailored to you and your needs. The team at Shelves 2 Drawers provide in-home advice for organization and have been doing so here in Colorado for over 14 years. They will give you a fresh look at your space and most likely will have solutions that you have never considered. Shelves 2 Drawers also manufactures and installs custom roll-out drawers, as well as many other organizational products for your home and their in-home consultations and estimates are always free. Check out some of their work by viewing the Bathroom conversion gallery.

If you are ready to take your bathroom from frustrating to amazing, give Shelves 2 Drawers a call at 303-828-0506 and get your free in-home consultation or submit a request for a free in-home estimate here.